Falsehood is something that has the potential to spoil anyone’s image and it’s the worst when it is adopted by someone who is in the most esteemed position. Here I present one of such examples, Mr. Trump (President of USA) top 10 false promises he made since he became President.

1.      The first lie, he assured you that he would slash the rates, so the super-rich like him will be spending higher. You did purchase it. Yet his tax reform for 2017 has done the reverse. In 2027 the wealthiest 1 percent would have earned 83 percent of the tax cut and the wealthiest 0.1 group, 60 groups of it, according to the independent tax reform center. Yet nearly half of all Americans — 53 percent — are likely to pay higher in revenue. Only days after the tax reform became law, Trump told his affluent mates at Mar-a-Lago, “You’ve just got a lot wealthier.” 

2.     He offered several competitive two- and four-year schools. It was also a disguised lie. Yet Trump’s latest decision contains significant cuts in funding for low-income and first-generation college graduates, decreases Federal Job Report, and ends the 50-year-old Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Program, which goes to more than one million disadvantaged college students per year. People just trusted him. But he did not. He’s made defrauding students simpler for-profit education, instead.

3.     He vowed a statement that was a lie to hold American steelworkers free. People did purchase it. Its steel tariffs have safeguarded certain steel jobs. But industries that use steel – such as automakers and manufacturing – now have to pay more for the steel they ‘re using, thereby threatening their jobs. The Trade Agreement estimates the steel and aluminum consumers would shed 400,000 positions. He vowed to restore the hard-fought coal industry and regain lost coal mining employment. Folks did purchase it. Yet coal also lacks consumers as electricity providers turn to natural gas and clean energies.

4.     Trump vowed to reduce the budget deficit and bring down the debt, so citizens believed it again, that was a lie, but thanks to his huge tax increases, mainly for businesses and the elite, and his military expenditures, the gap is expected to grow over $1 trillion, and the budget deficit has skyrocketed to over $21 trillion. I’m under a regular audit and it’s going to be announced because as long as the report is full it’s going to be published as a pledge that he made during the campaign. When people purchased it again and then it was a mistake as seen by the figures. He has yet to release his tax returns.

5.     He claimed he should have filled the swamp in Washington. Folks ordered this. Yet he’s invited more multimillionaires, Businessmen, and Wall Street moguls into his presidency than any government in memory to enact legislation that would benefit their companies, so he’s packed offices so organizations with corporate lobbyists, attorneys, and advisors hashing on innovative strategies with the same corporations they’ve been operating with lately. He has told us all that he will spend the money $1 trillion in the dilapidated assets of his united states. People accepted this as a fact but actually it was yet another lie. Yet there’s little funding left for services since the big tax break for businesses and wealthy individuals.

6.     Trump claimed trump wasn’t going to be a vacationing dictator so he dubbed Barack Obama the “vacationer-in-chief.” People believed it as a truth which later proved to be a lie. Yet since becoming president, as per Golf News Network, he has spent almost 25 percent of his days on one of his golf resorts at a loss to American taxpayers of over $77 million for every substantial portion of the day. This is already more or less taxpayer money on holidays than it cost Obama in his first 3 years of the presidency of the United states. Not to acknowledge all the money Americans invest defending his relatives, perhaps including his two sons who work on Trump business all over the planet.

7.     Trump claimed Trump would bully companies into holding workers in the United states, so there will be “repercussions” for corporations that exported employment overseas. People didn’t trust him. Yet Carrier, Ford, GM, and the others have managed to move employment to China and other countries following their commitments. Carrier (a United Technologies division) has been moving forward with proposals to move 1,000 workers to Mexico at their Indiana factory. Even now, following Trump’s election, the national govt has awarded United Innovations with 15 different contracts. GE sends employment opportunities to Canada. People are dispatched to Costa Rica, Egypt, Argentina, and Brazil by IBM. Some “repercussions” have been noticed for moving all these workers abroad.

8.     Trump claimed Trump will keep the United States stronger. People didn’t trust him. Yet according to Mass Shooter Monitor, the Trump government has had 377 mass attacks so far, involving 58 people dead and hundreds hospitalized at a Las Vegas festival, and 26 churchgoers murdered and 20 wounded at a Texas worship. Trump fails to sign any law regulating weapons safety. He said he should create a “bridge” across the frontier to the south. You trusted him. But staff chief John Kelly says it’s doubtful government citizens would construct a wall, a concrete barrier, from the sea until shining shore.

9.     He responded by telling everyone he would repeal and replace Obamacare with something “beautiful.” It was a lie. Yet he did not revoke and he did not substitute. (Likewise: his plan would have knocked off at least 23 million Americans from health insurance, including many of you.) Instead, he’s doing his utmost to cut it entirely and remove it with hardly anything. The current tax reform would cause 13 million individuals to lose their care protection.

10.  Before the Trump current government revealed its decision to terminate the plan, Obama posted on social media a statement declaring the policy “cruel” and “self-defeating.” He wrote that Let’s Be Clear: The step taken today is not constitutionally necessary. It is a tactical judgment and a matter of moral. Any fears or grievances American citizens may have regarding immigrants in general, the government will not endanger the existence of this group of youngsters who are hereby no fault of their own, who present no threat, who do not take something away from us. Trump ‘s earlier promise to improve immigration services appeared to be a lie here.

It should be a fixed commitment whoever makes it either a common man or a president like Mr. Trump, as it’s the only thing that creates goodwill and reliability in anyone’s mindset.

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