Banana peel 

Banana peel
Banana peel

Banana peel

It all came crashing down on me in that moment. The moment I decided to try if banana peels are actually slippery. I was just curious. I saw it happen a million times on TV, and I merely wanted to try it out, so I threw the banana peel in front of me, and I marched onward without a care in the world. I stepped on it, and it hardly moved at all.

Disappointed with the result, I tried to move it a little to put it in a more “slippery” position, but that came off useless as well. So I disregarded logic for a second and decided that running into it might be the most effective, but why in the world would I do that? Well, I wish that this question came to my mind then, but it didn’t. So I stepped back and ran moderately fast into my impending doom. And impending it remained, because I barely slipped at all. I held the banana peel up in disappointment and gazed at it with a “you let me down” look on my face. I threw it back, and walked away knowing that banana peels are nothing but a myth.

I reach my house, and throw myself onto my trusty couch. the TV is already on, and I like to take naps with it on, so I do. Only to wake up like an hour later to a really loud breaking news announcement. I’m half awake but I can make up some of what they’re saying. It’s about a guy who died. I would usually disregard such morbid news, but it was a local news channel, so I got curious to find out if it was someone I knew. They say that they haven’t identified the body yet, but it seems like the cause of death is slipping on a banana peel. Holy s*#+. I lost my balance. In that particular moment, I never thought for a second that it might be the fault anyone but me. “I killed a man “ Is all I mumbled while panicking. They can’t trace this back to me, right? Even if they could, it’s not my fault… right?

I decide that I will never know for sure until I go to the alleged crime scene, so I get out of the house and proceed onward to discover the horrors I didn’t do.
“if this was my fault, how can I ever live with myself?”
“if I hadn’t been so curious a man could still be alive. “
“what if people find out? Will they blame? Could I go to jail? “
As these dismal thoughts rampaged through my head, a hand touched my shoulder.
It’s a man in a black suit, grey hair, black tie, kind of creepy. He asked me why I seemed so nervous.

I wanted to tell him to get lost, but all I could say was “I’m having some trouble “
He put his hand again on my shoulder and told me everything will get better soon.
I don’t know why, but that calmed me down a bit. I kept going but I’m more composed now.

Yet, that didn’t last for long, because I can visibly see a group of people gathered in exactly the spot I threw the peel at. That took me off guard. Up to this point, it was all doubts mixed with a Solemn hope that it was a coincidence. I expected to panic more as I come nearer, but it was the opposite. The closer I got the more calm I became. As if I knew deep inside what was there. I slide through the masses of people to reach point zero. Blood painted Street and blood painted clothes. Even though he was laying on his face, I knew who he was right away.
“now you know the truth “
The man in the black suit said.
“you’re dead”
I smiled with tears seeping out of my eyes.
“so it’s all over? “
“no! your real life has just begun. ”
He said so soothingly. He held my hands and looked up, and a great aura of light engulfed us. We started rising up to the sky. I closed my eyes knowing that I’m about to be in a better place.

“wake up”
“wake the f*+- up”
I open my eyes and descend from heaven to my couch with my brother shouting over my head.
“get up, dinner is ready. “
“so I’m not in heaven? “
“Does this look like heaven you prick? “
I remained confused, and I never told the story to anyone, but I learned a valuable lesson that will stick with me till I die. Never litter.

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