Call to arms A perfect RTS and FPS hybrid

call to arms
call to arms

You ever wondered how an Real Time Strategy game would look like in First Person Shooter mode?

Call to Arms

is a new upcoming RTS game that is set on modern combat era with its own story and campaign about war on terror, the game is already in its early access phase with a free to play mode that allows players to test the game before thinking of buying it.

Call to Arms offers two playable factions in its current release, United States of America and The Global Revolutionary Movement with realistically high detailed and modeled vehicles, weaponry and firearms that are fully customized as the player desires, maps that contain rural areas, factories, railway stations and towns during intense missions with the ability to use the environment to your advantage. Cover system is present, and almost everything can be destroyed.

But what makes this game special, is its hybrid form of being a RTS game with ability to control your individual units in Third or First-person shooter modes whether it’s a tank or a soldier, which gives you the experience of games like Battlefield where you can control tanks and have decent FPS experience blended with the RTS experience of games like Men of war in one single game.

Call to Arms is also supported by the steam workshop community where experienced madders and community members keep pumping fine addons and mods for the base game giving the game extra factions, maps and missions to play with.

Degtialmindsoft, the company of the game announced that the full release of the game would be in April 2018, as they are going to add 64-bit support and four new factions to the game, Russians, Germans, Eastern European Rebels and United Arab Forces.

You can download the game from steam for free where you are allowed to test it on multiplayer servers, or you can buy the game and have steam workshop support, single player campaigns, and access to the upcoming four factions on full release.

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