Choose Hair Care, get Cancer in return

Hair Care
Hair Care


“Choose Hair Care, get Cancer in return.”


We have heard over the past decade about a dozen of products like preservatives, food additives, industrial chemicals, cigarettes and many other commodities which are a part of a modern man’s life to be potentially harmful for human health as some relation is found between these products and a life-threatening ailment of the modern times namely cancer. Research data has established the fact that all these products used to add comfort and ease to our lives have also added a potential risk towards a killer disease that is cancer which is now identified as a second major cause of death after heart diseases in many countries. So all these chemicals are now being labeled as carcinogenic (cancer causing) and health care professionals are spreading awareness among the general public to discontinue their use to decrease the potential risk of cancer.

Recent researches have shown that not only the products that we take inside our body are harmful but the products which we apply superficially to our skin and hair can also act as a risk factor for cancer. Cosmetics are being investigated largely for this purpose to see if some relationship can be established between their use and potential risk of developing cancer. A recent research indicated with strong proof that the hair products women use at home or in salons have a strong relationship in the development of breast cancer.

This research was conducted on White American women and African American women. A lot of women participated in the research and the facts derived from the research showed that White American women who use relaxers on their hair are subject to breast cancer more than those who don’t use such products. Roughly there was 75 percent more chance of development of cancer in them. Similarly, African American women who use dark hair dye have roughly 70 percent more chance to develop breast cancer than those who don’t use such hair products.

Now the question is what type of hair products were investigated? Well, researchers state that products investigated in this research include hair dyes, chemical relaxers, conditioners that have cholesterol or artificial hormones in them and similar products. So with this proof, we can clearly label these products as carcinogenic (cancer causing) which we need to avoid if we wish to prevent the adverse circumstances that we could face due to the killer disease, cancer. This investigational data has not only established a relationship between hair products and breast cancer but has also opened up a completely new field of interest that requires a lot of investigation so we can identify all the potentially harmful modern beauty products that are deleterious to our health and save ourselves from killer diseases like cancer.

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