Has Donald Trump followed through with his presidential promises?

Donald Trump Promises
Donald Trump Promises


Donald Trump Promises:                 —-                   Status as of June 2017:


Save the Carrier Plant in Indiana – (kept)

Establish a commission on radical Islam – (stalled)

Suspend immigration from terror-prone places – (in the works)

Reverse Barack Obama’s Cuba policy – (in the works)

Terminate Barack Obama’s immigration executive orders ‘immediately’ – (in the works)

Create private White House veterans hotline – (kept)

Remove existing Syrian refugees – (stalled)

Move US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – (stalled)

Cancel the Paris climate agreement – (kept)

Make no cuts to social security – (stalled)

Invest $550 million in infrastructure and create an infrastructure fund – (in the works)

Guarantee 6 weeks paid leave – (in the works)

Make no cuts to Medicaid – (stalled)

Take no salary – (in the works)

Enact term limits – (stalled)

Impose death penalty for cop killers – (stalled)

Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton – (stalled)

Enact a temporary ban on new regulations – (in the works)

Eliminate Common Core – (not yet decided)

Slash federal regulations – (kept)

Defund Planned Parenthood – (in the works)

Place lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign government – (kept)

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

There are many more promises, in fact, it’s been said that there are over 663 promises in total if we count them. As you see from the statuses of the promises in the list, there are many statements that are in the progress of being fulfilled, or are stalled until further notice. He kept many of the promises made during his campaign.

But are there any broken promises? Indeed, he broke approximately 64 promises just in his first 100 days. For instance, he promised to work with Congress to make a way for the End Illegal Immigration Act which funds the building of the wall. He kept guaranteeing that Mexico would pay for the construction, but no such bill was introduced or passed. Another broken promise was his guarantee to repeal and replace the Obamacare Act. But, Congress has failed to repeal this act. He also promised to work with Congress to pass the Affordable Child Care and Elder Care Act. This Act has not been introduced or passed. It was important that he would make sure he stands out against the conspiracies and suspicion over Hillary Clinton’s mysterious emails. So, he promised that his administration would have a hacking report in 90 days. He wanted people to see that he and his administration has nothing to hide. However, there is no team of administrators working to make a report, no plan, and no report.  To be honest, some of these broken promises are due to lack of funding, time, or support from others. But, he still hasn’t even followed up to make a statement of when he intends to follow through with the promises. The time constraints are understandable, but it’s necessary for him to inform the public of his intentions. What do you think?

The major guarantee that we must consider at this point in Donald Trump’s presidency is that he has not had sufficient time to fulfill any sizeable campaign promises.  Besides, support and funding, we all know how slow government offices operate, whether on a state or federal level.  We think that standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles Office can take forever – what about waiting for the House of Representatives and the Senate to agree on something, legislate a bill, and actually make it official?  We must give him more time.  It’s simply not fair to expect anything significant by this point in his administration.  Although many of the promises or intentions stated in his campaign have yet to be fulfilled, many are in progress. We can be more patient with the process.

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