how to earn money online without paying anything

how to earn money online without paying anything

how to earn money online without paying anything

In this article, we will share with you a different known and unknown methods of How to earn money online without paying anything.

the internet is the house of opportunities, and if you have a connection to the WWW and you still not making money, well. it’s your fault and you are the responsible for that.

without any further ado let’s start.

Method 1: make a YouTube Channel:

of course, you are using youtube almost every day listening to music, watching your favorite show or learning, whatever you are doing on the other side there is someone making money while you are watching. that’s right.

YouTube allows people to make a profit from their channels by displaying advertisements and getting paid whenever someone clicked on the ads.

So, if you have some talent or if you have something to teach. or even if you are a gamer, you can start making money from YouTube.

what so interesting about having a Youtube channel is that you can also earn money in other ways. Example: promoting products related to your channel and get commissions whenever someone buys using your links. see this guy on YouTube.

he is promoting this laptop by making a review about what’s good and what’s bad, why you should buy it and why you should not. in the end, he added his AFFILIATE link in the description and whenever someone buys the laptop he gets his commission  + the money he earns from the ADS.

for every 1000 views, you earn at least around 2 USD.

so the first answer to your Question ” how to earn money online without paying anything ” is make a YouTube Channel.

Method 2: work as a freelancer.

are you a programmer, writer, designer, do you have a professional voice? did you know that people are earning more than 50 USD for less than one minute of their voices??

you can start making money free online by working as a freelancer on a website like FIVERR, or upwork.

whatever you can do, even if you think that it has no value there is someone somewhere appreciate it and ready to pay for it. as they say, if you can do something don’t do it for free.

Method 3: start blogging.

no matter what language you are speaking or what topic you are going to blog about, you can always make money by blogging.

you can start your own free blogger on websites like,, or, the previous website are providing a free platform for you to start your own blog. it’s not as professional as the paid sites with normal domain name but it can work for you.

Method 4: Sell your story ” articles”.

did you know that if you are a talented writer, who can write something attractive to the readers, with a lot of information or imaginations then you get paid up to 100$ per each article, yes! exactly 100$ per article.

there are tons of websites where you can sell your articles such as:

1- Wow Women on Writing: they pay  $50-100.

2- Strong Whispers: they pay $50 – $150.

3- $100 – $200.

and other websites, you just google “sell articles” and you will find a ton of websites out there ready to buy your piece if it was premium.


Method 5: get paid for doing small tasks online.

if you are not familiar with this, I would like to tell you that you make a decent amount of money by doing a small tasks online, like Filling survey, classifying videos if they are commercial or news etc… there are a lot of websites work as a 3rd party between you and the task providers. herein I will mention some of these websites.

1- Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk).

2- Clixsense.

3- Swagbucks.




when you ask how to earn money online without paying anything we can’t answer without mentioning method number 5 since its one of the most famous ways to make money online without investing anything.

Method 6: affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing is when you promote other people products online and get commision when someone buys through your link.

there are hundreds of affiliate networks out there, but I can mention few down below.

1- Clickbank.

2- Amazon associates.

3- Admitad.

since this method is considered one of the highest paying methods among all, I made an article talking about the top affiliate networks. you can read it by clicking here.

if you master affiliate marketing, you can earn more than 10,000$ monthly.

affiliate marketing is totally free you don’t need to pay anything to anyone to be an affiliate marketer but in most cases, you need to invest money to get better results.


this article was made in order to answer the oldest Question on the internet, how to earn money online without paying anything? there are many other ways, but I believe that I have mentioned the most efficient ways in this article to make money online without investment.








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