Politicians in T-shirt

Politicians in T-shirt
Politicians in T-shirt

Politicians in T-shirt Politics, a rugged term that used to paint suited men in mind, but no more. The inaccessible dreads of politics became an arm’s length away from the hands of every other person. Times have changed, and Facebook played a significant role in this change. one could argue whether it’s good or bad that my little brother has an opinion on trump’s presidency, but the sound thing is to realize that it can be both. For instance, the increase of political awareness, and how easy it got to make your voice heard, are really good reasons as to why it’s productive, but having a poisonous individual freely spread his ill views might be equally damaging. So it all boil down to the oldest line in the book “it depends”.

10 years back in time and you wouldn’t see a young person giving the elections a second thought, but today he might be a part of an online political campaign that’s leading the polls, youths are now more than ever exposed to huge amounts of information, delivered to them in a platform that unlike news channels, isn’t boring. So you better make your peace with the fact that your young nephews might be more politically active than you can ever hope to be.

Imagine gathering a crowd of no less than a million, then standing infront of them and shouting to your heart’s content with no restrictions, no embarrassment, and possibly no pants, sound too good to be true? Well, it might be too true to be good, because that’s exactly what social media and especially Facebook made possible. Politicians can target and deliver their messages to their potential voters with much ease. People with radical views whom otherwise would be ignored, can have a platform to stand on. no one is silenced by the raggedness of their clothes or the craze of their thoughts anymore. Everyone can be heard, and so can you.

at the end of the day, and in the nuttiest of shells, we chose how social media affect our lives, we can benefit from it, we can have fun with it, we could change our view because of it, and we might be corrupted beyond means of help as a result of it. It’s your hand that holds the sword and your hand shall wield it.

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