These days on the space field there are major players, you may all know the controversial Elon musk, between the enormous wealth, various companies in many fields including space, artificial intelligence, energy, neurotechnology, and constructions. In addition to the lawsuits, the social media commentaries, and the wide base of fans. He build quite the reputation while Jeff Bezos another billionaire involved in the space race, founder of AMAZON and Blue origin among other businesses, his ambition knows no limits his first priorities are space travel and colonization of the solar system.

Two of the most powerful and rich people on the planet continue their rivalry in a heated race to space, who’s winning?

Internet signal all the way from the space?

Starlink (SpaceX project aims to provide internet connections through satellites on the low earth’s orbit), the plan already set in motion as of this January the company launched about 2.000 satellites which gave services to thousands of customers in regions of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe, the goal is to provide fast internet broadband which is not fully met yet and to expand the connection to the underserved regions of the world as the company is preparing to launch thousands of satellites by the end of 2021.

 Right now, the service is slower than the fiber connections and more expensive but since the company is using a reusable rocket, launching more satellites, and installing more ground stations, the promise is all those downsides will fade away.

The company also planning on using StarLink to establish an internet connection on Mars once they fulfill their dream of getting people there.

Amazon’s internet program Project Kuiper get the FCC authorization yet it is not clear when the satellites will be launched to orbit or when will they be operational, it is expected to be some time in mid-2026.

Amazon stayed behind in this battle, their expected satellites may have a bigger size and way less number than StarLink satellites, however, the Later’s quality remains in question, only the future will reveal which is the best.

Multi-planetary species

Regular trips to space, people colonizing the solar system, space ships although it sounds like science fiction, it is not!!


It is happening, after many failures landing starship SN15, a spaceship owned by Elon musk’s company SpaceX has soft-landed successfully in May 2021, SN20 is scheduled for an orbital flight on October 2021 as a private mission for Mr. Maezawa a Japanese businessman along with 12 other people so it is available for private tourism missions.

 The starship can serve the company in fulfilling their various agenda as it can carry up to 400 of their satellites to orbit with a larger capacity than the current rocket which can only carry 60. It’s also the vehicle of choice to participate in NASA’s Artemis 3 mission carrying a crew of astronauts to the moon, it’s also scheduled for an uncrewed flight to MARS in 2024.

For the future plans, it’s set to be the vehicle that will carry up to 100 people in a nine months flight to Mars in an attempt to colonize it.

New Shepard a rocket manufactured by blue origin, a company owned by Jeff Bezos for suborbital space tourism, is the first reusable rocket that makes a soft landing on the ground in 2015, on October 13th, 2021 it made its first crewed flight.

Starship vs new Shepard

It is hard to compare between these two, different designs, different goals, and different missions, however, it is safe to say that Jeff BEZOS succussed in launching the first reusable rocket.

Humans have experienced all sorts of disasters, and in attempts to survive, they always have looked down, bombs shelters, punkers, those maybe not enough and it maybe now be the time to start looking up to the space.

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