The SSL certificate for Google is now necessary for all


The SSL certificate for Google is now necessary for all


According to a recent announcement by Google, all websites requesting the visitor to fill in data and have not taken care to install the necessary encryption certificate will display NON-SECURE by navigating by Google Chrome Version 56!

The discussions that are currently being held that Google’s recent decision is expected to cause disruption have not yet been confirmed. Surely this action has to do with its decision to openly fight the websites that do not have the necessary encryption of data received from their visitors via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

The confusion that may be created for website visitors around the world, regarding a possible misinterpretation of the security message, will certainly be compensated for by the compliance of online stores that until now had not made sure to This obligation.

What is SSL?

Surely you have noticed how some websites start with http://while others with https://and a green padlock! This is the end result of whether or not an SSL certificate exists. But what happens behind that reading? SSL is an electronic certificate that we buy from a data protection and certification company (Certificate Authority) and creates an encrypted connection between your Web server and the Web browser of your visitor.

This ensures that all data passing between the two remains private and secure from any attempted interception. The types of SSL certificates you can purchase are:

Domain Validation SSL Certificates (DV SSL)-encodes the information and identifies the data of the Registrar and the domain name of the website.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates (OV SSL)-encodes the information and identifies the website of the company that is behind it. A special inspection of the company is carried out prior to the issuance of this certificate and the ownership of the Domain Name.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL)-The most secure certificate. Licensing and issuance requires thorough procedures, through which certification authorities control almost all aspects of a company and its website.

Does my site need SSL?

If your website requests any information from its visitors such as contact forms, newsletter registration, account creation, online shopping, etc., then you DEFINITELY need SSL. Alternatively, visitors to your page will see that the environment in which they intend to type their personal information is not safe.

What are the benefits of installing an SSL?

  • Professionalism: Every business that wants an SSL certificate for its website receives the necessary control from the certification authority.
  • Reliability-trust: The existence of SSL certifies the safe navigation of the user on your website. In the case that you have eshop, SSL gives a sense of trust to the visitors who intend to give you their data and increases the chance to return again to your page (returning customers).
  • SEO: The algorithm of Google bonus with better positions in search results the websites using HTTPS
  • Integrity: Data cannot be altered or destroyed during transport, without it being perceived.

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