If you already in this page it means that you know what affiliate marketing is and you are interested in making money by being an affiliate marketer.

In this Article, we will be talking about Top 10 Affiliate network 2018, and a small brief about each one of them so without anymore useless talk let’s get into it.

1- ClickBank: 

top 10 affiliate network 2018

Clickbank is a huge affiliate network and it’s a huge and one of the highest paying affiliate network in the market. Click bank has been online for more than 17 years and it focuses on digital products, Clickbank has more than 6 Million products and serves more than 200 million customers in the world, yes. 200 million customers, you still think you can reach 10 out of 200 million.

We put Clickbank in the first place out of 10 because its known for their high paying commision that could reach 100 USD or more for one leads in some cases “products”.

2- Amazon Associates Network: 

top 10 affiliate network 2018

as Amazon.com considered the biggest online shop in the USA, Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. it’s affiliate network called Amazon Associates Network where you can join once you have a blog or website which is necessary to apply for an account with Amazon Associates Network, Once you have your account you can start promoting more than one million product and take a commision up to 10%  on your sales.

3- Admitad Network:

top 10 affiliate network 2018

Founded in 2009, Admitad worked its full system by March 2010 and now it’s considered as one of the leaders in the affiliate marketing networks worldwide. Admitad provides each customer with an account manager that works with the marketer from zero to get him/her used to the system, the company aims to develop its market base and produce more output that will benefit its advertisers and publishers.  Modern advertisers prefer the latest use of the affiliate marketing strategies such as those present in Admitad.

Admitad is very open to the Asian market wholesalers and retailers such as AliExpress, Banggood, and others. which gives the marketer varies options and a chance to target one of the growing markets in the world where the demands are increasing and the online shopping is more popular with the days.

4- Rakuten: 

Top 10 affiliate network 2018

It was formally as Rakuten LinkShare one of the biggest and oldest affiliate networks, it’s known as “Rakuten.com”, The company claims it is the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

Rakuten ranks among the top three e-commerce companies in the world with over 100,000 products and more than 20 million customers.

if you managed to have an account with Rakuten, you will have as a marketer variety of products to promote, From different physical products to Digital information products, Hosting companies, tickets and hotel reservations etc…

5- eBay partner network: 

Top 10 affiliate network 2018
ebay partner network

Many of the marketers don’t know that eBay has an affiliate network, But since it’s one of the biggest internet-based retailers in the USA, Ofcouse it will have it’s own affiliate network to keep getting as much as they can from the American market share. it’s known as eBay partner network and it has a very good tracking and reporting tools.

6- CJ Affiliate: 

Top 10 affiliate network 2018
cj affiliate

It was known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate by Conversant reached millions of customers since the started to work through their marketers, of the biggest advantages for this company is the different categories of products that you can promote as a marketer.

7- ShareaSale: 

Top 10 affiliate network 2018

ShareaSale is an American affiliate network, has been in the affiliate business for 15 years, their reputation is one of the best in the affiliate marketing field, their technology known for the speed, efficiency, and accuracy.



you noticed that the title is Top 10 Affiliate network 2018, but there is only seen in this article, that because we need you to state the rest, some affiliate network you have experience with and it is not mentioned here, that will help us to add more valuable information to this article.

this article mentioned the top affiliate networks based on our experience in “infinedia.com“, you can still find affiliate networks “programs” that serves you well, you can check the footer of each online store, hosting service providers, tickets etc.. looking for an affiliate program.




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