Top 10 Underrated Crime and Thriller Movies on Netflix 2021


Have plenty of time, Netflix subscription, tired and bored of the long-repeated series, looking for a bit of mystery and action. Here are the best new crime movies on Netflix.

The guilty 2021

IMDb 6.3

The Guilty 2021


The guilty, Ninety minutes American remake of the 2018 Danish thriller movie Den Skyldige which means the guilty, directed by Antoine Fuqua, from a screenplay written by Nic Pizzolatto. Starring the 42 years American actor and producer Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor and Christina Vidal Mitchell, another American actress, singer, and producer as Sergeant Denise Wade.

Initially, it was released a limited release on September 24, 2021, in October Netflix digitally distributed it.

Demoted from his job waiting for his court hearing LAPD officer joe Baylor who was working a night shift in 911 call center received a vague call from a woman called Emily claiming that she has been abducted, he tried to take as much information as he can, dispatched a patrol to her house, sent his off-duty partner in another mission to her husband’s house who’s supposedly the kidnapper, with his help Emily escaped and tried to commit suicide, as the situation escalates new information comes to the light, joe was able to talk her down until the police arrived at the scene, the incident gets to him and he decided to make a major twist regarding his life.

The white tiger

IMDb 7.1

The white tiger 2021

An original Netflix film based on a novel of the same name written by Aravind Adiga an Indian author, Directed by Ramin Bahrani and produced by Mukul Deora, starring the Indian actor and singer Adarsh Gourav as Balram Halwai, Priyanka Chopra as Pinky Shah, and Rajkummar Rao as Ashok Shah.

the story is about Balram the son of an underclass Indian family who is forced by his grandmother to reject a school scholarship in Delhi to work in the village’s tea stall, Balram suffered from poverty and lost his father to TB, so when he saw an opportunity he jumped at it trading part of his salary with his manipulative grandmother in exchange for driving lessons fees to become the second chauffeur to the stork family’s son Ashok who recently came back from America with his wife, he Cun his way to the first chauffeur position and got himself close to the family by being the loyal servant, with time he realized that he is disposable to the family, a series of misbehaviors let the stork family consider replacing him before he leaves, he learned that Ashok prepares to pay a large bribe, Balram murders him and escape the police and the servitude for good with money enough to start his own taxi company. although he was good to his employees, he bribes and manipulate the system for his own gain just like anyone else in the upper-class.

Does Balram really escape to a better reality? will leave you to be the judge of that.

The stronghold

IMDb 6.9

The StrongHold 2021

The stronghold 2021 A French thriller movie based on a real case that took place in Marseilles, France 2012 and wasn’t yet closed when the movie was filmed. Directed By Cedric Jimenez, Starring Gilles Lellouche as Gregory, Francois Civil as Antoine, Karim as Yass.

As the crime rate gets up so the pressure on the police department to bring it down at any cost. In the French South, three cops found themselves under a lot of pressure to act, they crossed the line to bust a major crime network, two months later they were up against another type of fight with the internal affairs investigating their action separating them each to his path. The idea is repeated and kind of cliché but every movie has its own identity especially as it is based on a true event, it may change your perception of black and white lines when it comes to big decisions.

The movie is also known as BAC NORD.

Operation hyacinth

IMDb 6.5

The film is directed by Piotr Domalewski, starring Tomasz Ziętek and Hubert Milkowski.

The events of the movie took place in communist Poland in the 80s where the secret police have the country under its firm grip and running a 2 years operation named hyacinth targeting the LGBT community in Warsaw, putting their members under surveillance and blackmail, in this atmosphere a young policeman called Robert find himself against a gay serial killer, although his investigation was closed, he is not satisfied with the results and determined to find the truth.

The movie shed the light at darker times and has a social statement and an English subtitle is available.


IMDb 7

Ferry 2021 Movie

Ferry is a 2021 Belgian-Dutch film directed by Cecilia Verheyden, written by Nico Moolenaar and Bart Uytdenhouwen, and starring Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman, Elise Schaap as Danielle van Marken. it’s a prequel to the Netflix series Undercover.

The story is about Fer a man who has a rough childhood and an abusive father, he turns into a gangster, and out of loyalty, he went back to his hometown on a journey of revenge for the death of his boss son, where he met a beautiful woman and fell for her.

The story is about his beginning if you watched Undercover and would like to know the drug lord Ferry Bouman, Ferry is what you should watch.


IMDb 5.8


A Spanish revenge film directed by Daniel Benmayor, starring Teo Garcia as Maximo, Andrea Duro as Maria, and Oscar Jaenada as Lucero.

The movie is bloody, full of action and the story is about siblings’ rivalry which turns malignant.

A retired hitman goes back to his life in a revenge mission alongside his sister Maria against the killer who runs the gang after killing his father and Maximo’s son Ander.

A twist was made when a third party Dimitry the head of a Russian mafia gets involved, the plot thickened as the blood were spilled, but Maximo eventually got his revenge with plenty of money to make his own happy ending.

I am all girls

IMDb 5.9

I am all girls 2021 Movie

is a 2021 South African thriller film directed by Donovan Marsh, written by Wayne Fitzjohn and Marcell Greeff, starring Erica Wessels as Jodie Snyman and Hlubi Mboya as Ntombizonke Bapai.

The movie is based on a true story but not the exact details.

The movie follows a fearless detective who made an unusual alliance with a serial killer who is targeting the same child sex trafficking network members as the detective.

It is one of the must-watch movies with a good yet sad story that will open your eyes to an important issue.

Night in paradise

IMDb 6.7

Night in Paradise 2021 Movie


is a South Korean crime film written and directed by Park Hoon-Jung, starring Uhm Tae-goo, Jeon Yeo, and Cha Seung-won.

The story follows a ruthless assassin Tae goo who is trying to leave the gang to take care of a family matter, when he receives an offer from a rival gang, he rejected it.

His decision resulted in the death of his ill sister and niece.

In a rage spree, he barged into the rival’s gang safehouse killing the rival gang boss doh and his men assuming he killed his family.

Following his boss’s advice, he seeks refuge in an isolated island Jeju and made a connection to a terminally ill woman called Jae Yeon.

Before the peace hold, his boss gave him up when it came between his life and goo’s, Doh’s right-hand man is now on the island and seeking revenge.

When the story started to unravel before Tae goo takes his last breath, he learned that it was all his boss’s conspiracy, his revenge got him nothing, he lost his family, life, and Jae Yeon’s life as she went with her own revenge quest.

The women and the murderer.

IMDb 6.4

A crime documentary based on a true story of two women the police chief, Martine Monteil, and one of the victim’s mothers, Anne Gautier trying to stop one of the most famous french serial killers, Guy Georges, the name alone terrified the French women back in the early ninety in Paris.

The documentary focuses on the heroic efforts of the woman and displays the case well, covering all its aspects.

The soul

IMDb 6.6

It is a Chinese sci-fi/crime film based on Jiang Bo’s novel Yihun Youshu, Starring

Chang Chen, Janine Chang, Sun Anke and Christopher Lee.

In 2032 the police arrived at wang’s mansion to find Mr. Wang murdered lying beside him his wife, the crime scene was suspicious and full of mystical clues.

Mr. Wang was struggling with both his personal and business life and was terminally ill, so who would want to kill him, that was the main focus of the movie.

In a dark, mysterious, and bit dystopian atmosphere, the movie kept evolving with not a single moment gone wasted.

Who killed him?

A curse from his late wife, his unstable son, his second wife, or something else?

Those are the top ten underrated movies we have picked for you, they are all 2021 released on Netflix, hope you enjoy them.

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