Will #ModernDayBoyScoutBadges turn into challenges?




What are #ModernDayBoyScoutBadges? In the past, Boy Scout badges were important because they illustrated a boy’s manners and achievements in a well-respected establishment.

It was the pride of every mother to see her son receive another boy scout badge. But what about today’s boys? Is there a new set of badges, or “good deeds” that they can earn? That’s what the #ModernBoyScoutBadges are all about.

People are tweeting what they consider to be a worthy deed to earn a boy scout badge. Some of the things are as old fashioned as helping an old lady to cross the street, while others incorporate our changing world of technology by saying “going three weeks without a cellphone” is an achievement. Some people even combined the two genres to say “helping an old lady to make a Facebook post!”.

People got creative with suggestions like “finding a street without the help of Gps.” or “remembering a password”. You can see how these could quickly turn into challenges for boys (and their parents!) to pass onto each other. What if we applied some of these upstanding good deeds that would earn us a hypothetical #ModernBoyScoutBadge? Most of them should be applied in daily life anyway.

However, by looking at most of the tweets, you can see a general negative outlook on our modern age boys. Many posts are almost sarcastic in tone as though they believe the average modern boy isn’t capable of doing anything that is truly honorable. Of course, while that may be true for most boys, there are people standing up to change that view. Because we have handbooks of the old days when Boy Scout badges were still respected and hard earned, we can compare them and see what kind of boys we have in the world today. Their badges of the 1911 handbook, for instance, used to contain mostly information about outdoor activities and strength and moral character. Today’s boy scouts are built on much lower moral standards and weak practice in comparison.

The only way to change the #ModernDayBoyScoutBadge sarcasm into respectable reality is to challenge one another to perform the heroic, morally right, and upstanding achievements that people suggest. While most people may think they are making a funny tweet at random, it may also suggest that they don’t believe modern boys are capable of doing something good. So change that! Make your own #completion to combat it! People need to know that boys still care about doing the right thing and learning valuable skills, despite the general view that they are not skilled in doing old fashioned things like building a tent and fishing with a stick. You, as Americans, can take the matter into your own hands to influence, tutor, and guide the young men to achieve the old, upstanding standards of the past. What if they actually started accepting the “challenges” stated in these tweets? We have opportunity to suggest some good deeds and achievements for boys of all ages so start tweeting! Turn the #ModernDayBoyScoutBadge into the #ModernDayBoyScoutBadgeChallenge.

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